The chest

The chest
A wooden chest, made of luxury woods (teak Burma & wenge) that are widely used in yachts’ interiors, is the second piece of Pitsilkas hand-made luxury furniture collection.

It is solid wood (not veneered wood) something which is obvious as soon as the chest is opened and you can see the same pattern inside. Almost 600 wood slats were premium cut, thus flush joints became distinctive mark characterizing the chest and speaking volumes about the highest level of craftsmanship that is hidden into it.

The lid of the chest operates thanks to 4 heavy duty hinges, which were especially ordered from Spain for that project, while two brown straps (genuine leather: length 55cm, width 3 cm, thick 1.6mm) belay lid when it is open.

The piece carries a bronze identity tag with craftsman’s name on its bottom. Each and every piece of Pitsilkas hand-made luxury furniture collection has its own unique code which corresponds to its edition number and its year of manufacture. This code is written in a wooden (teak & wenge) booklet accompanying the order until its delivery.

Dimensions: Height 62cm / Width 87cm / Depth 58cm