5+1 questions on 1 collection (published at archisearch.gr)

1) Why only made to order and not mass production? Listen, if you fall into the trap of mass production which calls for quantity, then quality goes down the drain.

For me, the maximum specification is the approach as far as possible towards flawless perfection. It is remarkably interesting to observe – that which others deem utopian and unattainable – acquiring flesh and bοne right in front of you, owing to a moment of inspiration which blends endlessly with many instances of high craftsmanship.


2 ) Why these particular plans? Let’s take a moment and consider all your relationships one by one. Has there ever been one that fulfilled you absolutely? No! Why do you ask such of me? What do you mean? We are talking about a relationship here too. I cannot solve all your problems concerning aesthetics. I can answer to some of these. To these some, however, I do so utterly and unconditionally! In a way which means you don’t need to look elsewhere for answers. It would be the one easy task to design a bed, a television setting piece, a sofa and whatever else, in the endeavor to sell. When, however, I am in interested in presenting only pieces of my soul, then the situation changes.

3) Should I presume then that there is a kind of symbolism behind each piece of the collection? Absolutely! Nothing was designed and constructed by chance. Nothing was designed and made to simply pass the time. A very important Greek choreographer once said something relevant: ‘Under no circumstances would I regard that my job is a work of art in which I have not managed to create the real image, as much as I understand it. It is not a matter of beauty it is a matter of meaning.’ These words express me more than anything else.

4) What annoys you? The prevalence of the mediocre, discourtesy and offhandedness.

5) What inspires you? Good taste, the sense of moderation, diligence, the following through of words into action and work, decency in the behavior of those around me.

6) Upcoming plans? From the moment the idea of a personal collection entered my history of creativity, my mind has been spinning like a top day in - day out. It is an incredible process! Therefore, from what you can understand, it constantly gives birth to various things, some very good and others of little consequence. You will have to just wait and see!